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    Admissions are open under Management Quota/Lapses Seats ForB.Tech & 2nd Yr. Lateral entry for CIVIL, ME.... MCA & MBA Session 2014-2015.

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    For any Technical institute to grow, it needs a strong Research and Development. The faculty of BSACET is actively involved in research.......

young Inovators

Our students are involved in real innovation projects. Students learn about innovation through hands-on experience in projects like

Life @bsacet

The students at the campus get full opportunity to expose their hidden talents by means of cultural & sports activities. We do not believe in producing bookworms but in developing the overall personality of student.



on Electrical Power System by Prof. S.N. Singh,J.N. Gupta & M.D. Gupta... from 29th OCT 2014(association wthe IEEESTBPES& WIE Student Branch Chapter

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